Tickets & Seating

Ghost the Musical tickets can be bought online at Cheap Theatre They have tickets available for all dates that the show is on. They provide secure online booking, discounts up to 70%, and seven-days-a-week customer service.

Where to Sit

Best views

You’ll get the best views for Ghost the Musical from the stalls, although the rows closest to the stage can obscure your view. The first few rows in the Royal Circle have excellent, panoramic views of the entire stage. We recommend rows E and above in the stalls and rows A-F in the Royal Circle for the best seats in the house.

On a budget

The Upper Circle is the furthest from the stage, and therefore offers the best deals. However, the first few rows offer fine views for significantly less than the cost of seats in the stalls or Royal Circle. We’d recommend seats towards the centre of rows A-D as the best seats for those on a budget.  Please be aware that the Upper Circle is steeply raked and is therefore not a good option for people who dislike heights or have mobility issues.

Restricted views

Restricted-view seats will be designated as such at the time of purchase. Seats in the Upper Circle overall will have less visibility of the upstage area, whilst seats at the back of the Royal Circle and stalls can be obstructed by the overhang of the level above.

Box Office

In Person

If you would rather book in person to see Ghost the Musical, you can visit the Box Office which is situated on Denman Street (off Piccadilly Circus), London, W1D 7DY. Tickets can be bought in person from the box office from Monday to Saturday, open between 10am and 8pm.


The theatre does not have a direct telephone line to the Box Office, instead all calls are handled by The Ambassadors Theatre Group. When you call you reach a general helpline rather than a specific representative from the Piccadilly Theatre. We recommend calling Cheap Theatre Tickets direct booking line on: 020 7492 9930.


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